Gainesville Open Kingdom seeks to be a transformed community of Christ-followers (Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural) GATHERED to advance God’s kingdom by making disciples who lovingly GROW one another to compassionately GO, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ to transform people, families, and communities throughout our city and the world.

God-glorifying: As God’s image bearers, we exist to enjoy and bring our Creator glory.

Christ-centered: Jesus Christ, God the Son, is himself the Lord, Savior, and mediator to God. He alone is the way, the truth and the life.

Gospel-driven: The Gospel is the good news of Jesus and the only means for true heart change, life change and community change.

Grace-oriented: It is through grace that Jesus entered into our world, that the gospel saves sinners, and how Christ-followers live the new life.

Disciple-making: It is the mission given to us by Christ to reproduce ourselves in others beginning with salvation and extending through maturity.

Outward-facing: The church has the responsibility of engaging the unbelieving world with love and compassion, as we bear witness to Jesus Christ.

Inward-caring: The new command that Christ gave to his church is to love one another in a unique relationship of care, accountability and unity.

Leadership-developing: Developing leadership through apprenticeships is vital for future growth, cultural relevancy and church planting.

Culturally-adapting: For a local church to extend its lifespan it must continually adapt its message and ministries to reach Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Culture community.